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KinoZine (also known as Kino) is an independent fanzine from Belgium which is released annually on 17th of April. The fanzine is rooted in the DIY punk/hardcore culture and still features topics loosely connected to the DIY spirit, ranging from traveling, food culture to music and art.

KinoZine is created by Belgian graphic designer Silas Vidar and his friend / writer Kenneth Vanhoutte and can count on several other contributors.


The paper's first issue was published on 17th of April 2007 as a result of a growing passion towards printed matter. It was initially printed on recycled paper and finished by hand. Since then the DIY approach to the design process still stands strong.

#00 Pilot Issue

includes interviews with Suis La Lune (SE), Tang (FR), Michele Candymals (IT) and The Black Heart Rebellion (BE). Columns by Kenneth, Iris and Silas.

#01 Year One

includes interviews with These Arms Are Snakes (USA), Daïtro (FR), Sed Non Satiata (FR), Louise Cyphre (GER), Ward Zwart (BE) and Arwith Utarid (MA). Columns by Kenneth and Silas.

#02 Year Two

includes interviews with Envy (JP), Heaven In Her Arms (JP), Birth (JP), Zann (GER). Columns by Yoshi and Silas.

#03 On the Road

In the works includes interviews with End of the Year (USA), Caution Children (USA), Birth (JP), The Black Heart Rebellion (BE). Columns by Kenneth and Silas.

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