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=External links=
=External links=
[http://kellysbullet.livejournal.com/ Kelly Larson's Blog]
* [http://kellysbullet.livejournal.com/ Kelly Larson's Blog]
[http://www.myspace.com/illkillyouwithonebullet/ Kelly Larson's Myspace]
* [http://www.myspace.com/illkillyouwithonebullet/ Kelly Larson's Myspace]
[http://trojanavenger.libsyn.com/ Fightin' Grannies Podcast]
* [http://trojanavenger.libsyn.com/ Fightin' Grannies Podcast]

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Kelly Larson playing ukelele

Kelly Larson (b. Dec. 07, 1984) is an independent comic writer, podcaster, artist, zinester, actress, and collector from Redford, Michigan. Although her father is Gary Larson he is not the Gary Larson of The Far Side.

Her influences include Daniel Clowes, Frank Zappa, Robert Crumb, and David Lynch.

Kelly was a regular podcast personality on the Fightin' Grannies podcast. She has most recently published Zines Make Life Easier

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