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Katherine Raz was the publisher of the perzine Retail Whore. She was also the Associate Editor of Zine Guide from 2000-2002.

A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Raz first learned about zines when her friend's mother, Joni Lee, publisher of Psychoholics Unanimous, gave her a copy of The Scaredy Cat Stalker, a perzine about stalking Henry Thomas of E.T. fame, published by Krista Garcia.

Raz had never seen a zine in her life, but became so enamored of the format that she started Apple Scruff, a zine about celebrities, stalking and obsession. Apple Scruff was reviewed in the final issue of Factsheet Five (#64) and ran for three issues before Raz folded it and moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College.

Raz stopped publishing Retail Whore when she graduated from college in 2002. She still lives in Chicago and has started her own retail empire -- selling used books and vintage collectibles online. You can read her blog at http://www.thebookfinder.blogspot.com.