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[[Image:Karass27.jpg|right|frame|'''Karass'''<br/>Issue 27<br/>Cover art by C. Lee Healy]]
'''Karass''' was a science fiction fanzine by [[Linda Bushyager]].  
'''Karass''' was a science fiction fanzine by [[Linda Bushyager]].  

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Issue 27
Cover art by C. Lee Healy

Karass was a science fiction fanzine by Linda Bushyager.

Published in Prospect Park, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Karass was a "fannish newszine, invaluable for keeping up with the U.S. scene", said Darroll Pardoe, in his review of Karass # 6 in Checkpoint # 53, of September 1974. It ran from January 1974 till October 1978, with 38 issues published.

Contributors of articles included Donald Ayres, Bruce Arthurs (Godless), John D. Berry (Egoboo), Michael G. Coney, Richard DeLap, Vincent Di Fate, Gary Farber, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen, Xenium) Wayne Hooks, and James Smart, among others.

Artwork was contributed by Alpajpuri (Paul Novitski) (Carandaith), Terry Austin, Brad Balfour, Neil Ballantyne, Randy Bathurst, Harry Bell (Grimwab), Sheryl Birkhead (The National Fantasy Fan), Grant Canfield, Derek Carter, Connie Faddis (Interphase), Adrienne Fein, Carol Ferraiuolo, Ken Fletcher (Rune), Dany Frolich, Jackie Franke (Dilemma), William Gibson (Genre Plat), Mike Gilbert, Howard Green, Dave Haugh, J. Philip Hawkins, C. Lee Healy, Terry Jeeves (ERG), Frank Johnson, Jay Kinney (Nope!), Bill Kunkel (Rats!, Four Star Extra), Sam Long, Jim McLeod, Sandra Miesel, Ron Miller, Randy Mohr, Pauline Palmer (Wild Fennel), Joe Pearson, David Piper, Andy Porter (Algol), William Rotsler, Marc Schirmeister, Stu Shiffman (Raffles), Jim Shull (The Essence), Al Sirois, Dan Steffan (Boonfark), Mike Streff (Quantum), Taral Wayne (DNQ), Tim Zell, among others.

Logos were by Bill Bridget, and Jeff Schalles.

Letters came from Rich Bartucci, Alan Bostick, Brian Earl Brown, George Fergus, George Flynn, Don Landry, John Robinson, Paula Smith (Menagerie), Rick Sneary (Moonshine), and Victoria Vayne (Simulacrum), among others.

Karass was the second zine by Linda Bushyager, begun while she was still publishing her first fanzine Granfalloon, which was released from 1966 to 1976. After Karass, she co-published Duprass with Leslie Smith in the 1980s.

Bushyager's Karass was preceded by a one-shot fanzine, also called Karass, written by Stephen Ivey, and published in Jan. 1971. The goal of that zine was "a fanzine dealing with the history and/or criticism of science fiction." The relationship between that zine and Bushyager's zine is unclear, but Ivey writes in that issue "Thanks are given to Linda Bushyager, without whose help this would not have happened."