Juanita Coulson

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Juanita Coulson

Juanita Coulson is a zine editor, fan artist, and musician.

Juanita Coulson is best known for her science fiction fanzine Yandro, which began life in 1953 as the organ of the Eastern Indiana Science Fiction Association, originally called EISFA and edited by Juanita Wellons (before becoming Juanita Coulson) and Beverly Amers (later Beverly DeWeese). Juanita married Robert "Buck" Coulsons in 1953, and "Buck" began doing book reviews for the zine. Beverly Amers left Yandro, and Buck Couslon stepped in as co-editor. By the late 1950s the name had been changed to Yandro, derived from an old folk song in a Manly Wade Wellman story. It was published till 1985, with 259 issues released. The last issue was not distributed till 1991.

Yandro won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in 1965. It was nominated every year from 1958 to 1967.

Juanita Coulson was also a fan artist, who contributed illustrations to various fanzines. As well, she was a musician who became increasingly involved in the 'Filk' music scene. This is her main participation in science fiction fandom at present.