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Joyce Worley Katz is a fanzine editor from the U.S.A.

Joyce's involvement with fanzines began with ODD. It was started by Raymond "Duggie" Fisher in 1949 and released till 1962. After marrying Duggie Fisher, Joyce convinced him to revive ODD in 1966 and it ran again till 1969. At least 20 issues of the fanzine were produced. ODD was nominated for a Hugo award in 1968.

In sf critic Rob Latham's article "Fanzine Research", in the April 2008 issue of el,, he wrote of Odd, Susan Wood's Aspidistra, and Starling, by Hank Luttrell and Lesleigh Luttrell, that they were, "vehicles of antiestablishment attitudes virtually indistinguishable at times from the contemporary underground press.” He cites these fanzines as examples of sf fans seeking " bring sf into dialogue with a larger universe of discourse and action—rather than, as elitist snobs sometimes suggest, looking to “escape” from the real world into aimless fantasy."

In 1969. Joyce got together with Pan Janisch and Sue Robertson and did the fanzine What About Us Grils?, which lasted for three issues until Joyce moved to New York and began her next zine Potlatch.