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Journey Planet is a science fiction fanzine by James Bacon, Claire Brialey, and Chris Garcia.

Issues 3 and 7 were guest edited by Pete Young.

Contributors of writing included Abby Blackfox, Rich Coad, John Coxon, Jay Crasdan, Glen Glazer, Diana Glyer, Steve Green, David A Hardy, John Hertz, L.J. Hurst, Tony Keen, Emma King, Dave Langford (Ansible), Paul McAuley, Farah Mendlesohn, Cheryl Morgan (Emerald City), Ulrike O'Brien, Padraig O Mealoid, Christian Payne, Lloyd Penney, John Perivolaris, Alastair Reynolds, Yvonne Rowse (Barmaid), Taral Wayne (DNQ) and Andre F. Wood..

Contributors of art included Scott Aleric, Katerina Belinskaya, Rachel Bowman, Sophie Collier, Ditmar, Kurt Erichsen, Brad Foster, Neil Gaiman, Claire Garcia, David A. Hardy, J.J. and Lee MacFaddin, Selina Phanara, Kevin Richter, Wyn Rider, Bill Rotsler, Robert Sandberg, Nathan Smith, Mo Starkey, Brandi Thomas, and John Toon.

Airstrip One by Alan Moore, Chris Brasted and SMS was reprinted in issue 3.

Journey Planet won the Nova Award for Best Fanzine in 2010.

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