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Johnny Ray Huston (AKA John Huston) is a zine editor and writer from San Francisco, Ca, U.S.A.

Johnny Ray Huston's first zine, begun with Erin Smith, was Teenage Gang Debs. The first issue appeared in 1988. After the first issue Erin's brother Don became co-editor, while Johnny Ray continued to contribute articles.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s Huston also worked on You can't hide your love forever, a zine devoted to lo-fi, indie rock, punk and post punk bands.

Huston's next zine, after moving to San Francisco, was the Pop Culture zine,Campfire, co-edited with Jeffery Kennedy. Two issues of the zine appeared in the 1990s and featured contributors such as Johnny Noxzema, Gary Gregerson and Matt Wobensmith , editor of Outpunk.

Johnny Ray Huston is at present a writer for various San Francisco publications, his by-line appearing frequently in papers such as The Bay Area Guardian.