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John Purcell is a fan writer and fanzine editor currently living in College Station, Texas.

John began doing fanzines in Minnesota in the 1970s. One of his early zines was called This House. He currently edits In A Prior Lifetime and its addendum and furthermore... as PDFs on He has also released a couple of one shot zines, as well as contributing to other publications.


He also produced a couple personalzines in the 1980s, Ennui and Bangweulu. The very last issue of This House was the 15th, Ace-Doubled with the 6th and final issue of Bangweulu in the Spring of 1989. After that, he drifted out of fandom by 1992, then resurfaced in 2003 with In A Prior Lifetime.

Purcell folded In A Prior Lifetime (20 issues) and and furthermore (26 issues) in February of 2007, beginning his bimonthly genzine Askance. The debut issue was dated March, 2007, and featured a cover by Hugo Award winning fan artist, Brad Foster.


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