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John Gerken is a zinester from New Orleans, LA.

He is the editor of I Hate This Part of Texas, of which at least eight issues have been released. His zines address queer issues through personal anecdotes.

In November of 2002, John took part in the Y'herd Me Zine Tour with other New Orleans zinesters, travelling to a number of cities on this tour of the east coast and reading from his zine. The selection from his zine that John read on the tour was reprinted in the compilation zine Y'Herd me, which brought together the selections read by the zinesters on the tour.

I Hate This Part of Texas was one of the twenty zines from which writing was featured in the book Stories Care Forgot: An Anthology of New Orleans Zines by Ethan Clark, with an introduction by John Gerken. The book also dealt with the zine editors' experiences of Hurricane Katrina and proceeds from sales were given to various grass roots organizations working in New Orleans.




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