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*[http://www.slowwave.com Slowwave, Jesse Reklaw's website and weekly comic]
*[http://www.slowwave.com Slowwave, Jesse Reklaw's website and weekly comic]
*[http://www.hobocomics.com Global Hobo]
*[http://www.hobocomics.com Global Hobo]
*[http://www.buttonhole.com/au/review/id/446.html Interview with Jesse Reklaw]
*[http://www.buttonhole.com.au/review/id/446.html Interview with Jesse Reklaw]
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[[Category:Zinester|Reklaw]] [[Category:Artist|Reklaw]] [[Category:California Zinesters|Reklaw]]

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Jesse Reklaw is a zinester and comic artist from the U.S.A.

Jesse Reklaw was born in Berkeley, California in 1971 and currently resides in California. He has been producing his own self published minicomics for a number of years. As well, he produces the weekly comic strip Slowwave, which is syndicated in alternative newspapers and on the Internet since 1995. It is based entirely on reader's submitted dreams, which Jesse then renders in comic form.

Jesse's work frequently appears in small press anthologies, zines, and his own self published minicomics, which are available through the small press comics distro Global Hobo, which he co-operates. He has also published the found art release Applicant, which appeared as a zine in 1998 and, more recently, as a book in 2006.

Jeese Reklaw has been nominated four times for an Ignatz Award and has won numerous citations for his work.





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