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Jesse Michaels is most known for singing in Bay Area punk bands and making art - but he also was a zine editor.

As a teenager in the early 1980's, he helped made the first issues of what would someday be known as Cometbus with his friend Aaron Elliot, better known as Aaron Cometbus. He also contributed art and writing for early issues of Robert Eggplant's zine, Absolutely Zippo.

In February 1987 he published his first fanzine, Kill Deal for A Quarter, a one shot zine followed by Tedium. Later that year he formed Operation Ivy with guitarist Tim Armstrong, bassist Matt Freeman, and drummer Dave Mello. They played at the Berkeley punk club 924 Gilman Street, becoming very popular. In 1988 they released their first EP Hectic for which Jesse wrote all the songs. After returning from an American tour they recorded their first LP Energy. In 1989 Operation Ivy broke up, and Jesse formed Big Rig in 1994. Big Rig released one EP and played several shows at 924 Gilman Street before breaking up. In 1999 after a long hiatus he formed Common Rider. They released two albums and toured around the country before breaking up in 2003. In August 2008, Jesse went on a short Southern California tour with long-time friend Jeff Ott, playing new solo songs. In December 2008, he participated in a small Northern California tour with Mike Park and Kevin Seconds, as well as forming a new band, Classics of Love.

Michaels is also an artist, responsible for Operation Ivy's "Ska Man" logo as well as other artwork for the album. In addition to drawing logos, album covers and other assorted art for his own musical projects, his artwork has been used by bands such as Christ On Parade, Filth, Neurosis, Green Day and Against All Authority and he has done artwork for various zine covers.