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* Rock, Paper, Scissors  ([[compzine]])
* Rock, Paper, Scissors  ([[compzine]])
* Pants with Stories([[perzine]])
* Pants with Stories([[perzine]])
* Nihilist Chocolatier ([[perzine]])
==Other Projects==
==Other Projects==

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Jennifer Darling (born September 1976) is a zinester most widely recognized for her perzine Gretchen, which was initially published in 2004. Jennifer, who uses "Darling" as a pen name, also edited the craft/diy/arts comp zine Rock, Paper, Scissors which had its final run in 2005. Jennifer also wrote the light-hearted one-shot zine called, "Pants With Stories."

Writing Style

Jennifer usually writes each zine as a "stream of consciousness" in one sitting with little proofreading.


Podcasts/Audio Recordings


Other Projects

  • Southeastern Swag Market(diy/craft/zine/music/art event in Danville, VA)

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