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*[[Mnemonic Hi-Fi]]
*[[Mnemonic Hi-Fi]]
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[[Category:Zinester|Kennedy]] [[Category:San Francisco Zinesters|Kennedy]]
[[Category:Zinester|Kennedy]] [[Category:San Francisco Zinesters|Kennedy]]

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Jeffery Kennedy is a musician, writer and zine editor.

Jeffery Kennedy released his first zine, Boysville U.S.A. in the Spring of 1988 from Olympia, Washington, U.S.A. The zine ran till the end of the decade and four issues were released. While in Olympia, Jeffery recorded the 7" single "Milquetoast Brigade" with Calvin Johnson and Tobi Vail's band The Go Team, released on K Records . appeared with the band Flowers For Funerals and, as Skull and Crossbones, recorded a song with Lois for the Toytown compilation Empire State.

He then moved to San Francisco, where he released a cassette EP called Jeffery K, a mini-zine called Milquetoast, chapbooks with the publisher Pas De Chance, and continued to contribute to various zines.