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* [[Absolutely Zippo]]
* [[Absolutely Zippo]]
* [[Maximum Rock N Roll]]
* [[Maximum Rock N Roll]]
* [[Psycho No1 Fan]]
* [[Punk Planet]]
* [[Punk Planet]]
* [[Snakepit]]
* [[Snakepit]]

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Janelle Hessig is a zinester, writer, comic artist, and musician from Berkeley, California.

Janelle published the first issue of her zine, Tales Of Blarg, in 1990.

Janelle Hessig's artwork has appeared in fanzines such as Absolutely Zippo, Punk Planet, Snakepit and Maximum Rock N Roll. She also wrote record reviews for Maximum Rock N Roll and penned a regular column for Punk Planet from 2002 to 2007 under the moniker "Janelle Benet Ramsey". Her work also appeared on the cover of The Tourettes 7" EP and on various other recordings. She is sometimes credited as "Janelle Blarg". The title of the Bratmobile EP The Real Janelle refers to her, as well as the song of the same title, and a photograph of Janelle is featured on the cover of the EP. (1.) .

From 1995 to 1996 Janelle Hessig and her housemate Jeff Jank created a free, one-page, monthly fanzine entitled Jank.

In 2005, Janelle's zine Tales Of Blarg, and Janelle's artwork, were featured in the San Francisco art exhibition The Copyist Conspiracy: An Exhibition of Zine Art.

The most recent issue of Tales Of Blarg was number nine, released in 2006.

Janelle is also a musician and was a co-founder of the band The Tourettes. She later performed with Panty Raid, and Baby Jail. Janelle has also performed with Brontez and Vice Cooler in the band Hot Ass Sex Bomb.




  • Hidden Keys To Loving Relationships, The Tourettes, 7" EP Lookout! Records (1994)
  • "Feeling Blue", Slice of Lemon, The Tourettes, compilation, Kill Rock Stars/Lookout! (1995)


1. <Bratmobile><allison, erin>, Kill Rock Stars, 1999

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