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Ivana Stab (born 11th February 1989) is a zinester from Sydney, Australia. She began writing zines in 2003 with Annie Ly. They published 3 issues of their zine 'The Shadow Corner' which was distributed to school-friends.

Ivana published her first perzine in 2004 - it was a one-shot titled 'Maverick' and was distributed with bonus poetry mini-zine 'Not a Fucking Realist'. Soon after, she published the first zine which she distributed to people across the globe - 'Dirty Jeans'. However, unhappy with what she'd created, Ivana stopped making zines for a while, until 2005 when she published the zine she is most known for, Feels Like Friday.

Ivana's pen-name "Ivana Stab" is a combination of her first name and the title of a Mandy Kane song. She has been using the name since the publication of 'Dirty Jeans'.

Currently, Ivana is finishing High School and thinking about publishing a second issue of Feels Like Friday.