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Interphase is a media science fiction fanzine by Connie Faddis.

Interphase featured silk screened covers and was photo-offset. It contained fiction, poetry, and art work.

The first issue of Interphase appeared in July 1975. It was 99 pages.

Contributors of artwork included Deborah Collin, Connie Faddis, Amy Falkowitz, Phil Foglio, Elizabeth Marshall, Kathi Maynard, Diane McVlaugherty, and Gee Moaven. The cover was by Monica Miller.

Contributors of writing included Jacquline Lichtenbert, Diane McClaugherty, Eileen Roy =. Poetry was by Becky Baggett, Ruth Berman (T-Negative), Claire Brennen, Beth Robertson, and Janice Scott.

Cartoons were by Phil Foglio and Anna Mary Hall.

Interphase was very popular and the early issues were reprinted in 1976 and again in 1977, and 1983.