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Inside and Science Fiction Advertiser was a science fiction fanzine published by Ron Smith in New York, N. Y., U.S.A. It won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in 1956.

Inside was started by Ron Smith in 1953. In late 1954 it was merged with Science Fiction Advertiser and was renamed Inside and Science Fiction Advertiser. It was published under this title for 3 years, during which it won the Hugo Award. It then ran a further year as Inside Science Fiction. It ceased publication for 4 years and was then revived for 3 issues as Inside with editor Jon White and Ron Smith as Assistant Editor.

Cover art work was by Dan Adkins, Neil Austin, Marvin Bryer, Morris Scott Dollens, Kelly Freas,Pat Patterson, Ralph Rayburn Phillips, and Cindy Smith.

Contributing illustrators included Jon Arfstrom, Neil Austin, Morris Scott Dollens, Jack Gaighan, and Naaman Peterson.

Contributors of writing included Poul Anderson, William Blackbeard, Robert Bloch, Howard Browne, John Payne Brunner (Macabre), David Bunch, Lin Carter, August Derluth, Harlan Ellison, Dave Foley, Randall Garrett, Joe Gibson, Robert Lowndes, Sam Moskowitz, Larry T. Shaw, Bob Tucker (Le Zombie), and Walt Willis (Slant).

Also included are reprints of work by Anthony Boucher, H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashtom Smith.

Contributors to the 1960s editions include William Blackbeard writing on L. Ron Hubbard, Robert Bloch, Arthur Jean Cox, Keith Nelson, Leland Sapiro, George O. Smith, S, Fowler Wright,