Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People

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Cover of Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People #34

Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People (February 2002 - ongoing) is a quartery zine published by Wellington, New Zealand based musician and zinester Bryce Galloway. The zine was initially released, according to the author, as "a vain attempt to promote a solo CD I'd recently released." Early issues of the zine surveyed local musicians and film makers, subsequently the author attempted to morph the zine to the requirements of a Masters of Fine Arts program he had enrolled in.

The author describes later issues as follows: "The zine had a checkered life as an MFA project before establishing a methodology as a personal zine. The zine has gone on to mine the embarrassing moment and diarise the minutia of my everyday life. This has seen the zine narrative traverse the belated "growing-up" of a perennial "slacker" - through post grad studies, fatherhood, getting a real job, and becoming a mortgagee. The narrative is sometimes explored through writing and illustration, at other times through cartoons. However, some issues do deviate from this rationale. For example, issue #34, sees regular people anecdote their brushes with the hugely famous. Issue 34 also includes the CD My Life With Madonna; largely iconoclastic Madonna covers by local artists."

In 2011 the first nine years of publication were anthologized into a single book by art books publisher Clouds. [1]


PO Box 27527, Wellington, New Zealand ( or from Cherry Bomb Comics[2]


The zine is issued for free from various cafes, galleries and retailers in the Wellington CBD with back issues available for a small cost from the author.