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Impulse was a media science fiction fanzine by D. Carol Roberts and Liz Danforth.

Devoted to the original television series, Star Trek, six issues of Impulse were published in Tucsan, Arizona, U.S.A. between 1970 and 1972.

The first issue of Impulse was published in 1970 and contains 89 pages. Art work and graphics were by Walter Burke, SVM, Susan Swinberg, and D. Carol Roberts. Written contributions came from S.L. Anderson, Amanda Glenn Harris, D. Carol Roberts, and Allen Statler. Poetry was by Amanda Glenn Harris and D. Carol Roberts.

Impulse issue #2 was released in November 1970 and contains 145 pages. The cover is by Stephen Day. Art work and graphics are by Jeff Hamill, Susan Wolfe, Liz Danforth, D. Carol Roberts, Barbie Marczak, and Stephen Day. Writing is by Liz Danforth, Stephen Day, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Barbi Marczak, M. Randolph, and D. Carol Roberts. Poetry is by Liz Danforth.

Issue #3 appeared in February 1971 and contains 55 pages. Artwork and graphics were by Jeff Hamill, Dave Billman, Liz Danforth, Barbi Marczak, and D. Carol Roberts. Writers are Liz Danforth, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, D. Carol Roberts, Allen Statler, and Jack Zavada. Poetry was by Liz Danforth, Michelle Malkin, and Michael Sobota. Also featured was the filk song "The Star Trip" by D. Carol Roberts.

Issue #4 was published in June 1971 and contains 109 pages. Art work and graphics are by Liz Danforth, Stephen Day, Jeff Hamill, Regina Marvinny, D. Carol Roberts, Mary H. Schaub, and Jack Zavada. Writing was by S. L. Anderson, Liz Danforth, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, and Barbi Marczak.

Issue #5 appeared in August 1971 and contains 33 pages. The front and back covers were by Jeff Hamill, with interior art work by Liz Danforth. Writing was by M.L. Barnes, Anna Mary Hall, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, and Barbi Marczak. Poetry was by Carolyn Sue Hillard, and Michael Sobota.

Impulse # 6/7 was published in 1972 and contains 54 pages. Writing was by M. L. Barnes, C.M. De Sisi, Anna Mary Hall, Carolyn Hillard, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, and Barbi Marczak.