Imaginary Life

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Imaginary Life
Issue 7 2010

Imaginary Life is a personal memoir zine made by Krissy Durden of PonyBoy Press.

Imaginary Life issue one was put out in 2002 and is out of print.

The zine Current Resident started under the name Imaginary Life, so IL#2 and IL#4 were once Current Resident, but they were later renamed Current Resident #1 and Current Resident #2.

Imaginary Life #3 was published in 2003. It is four mini zines, each titled for a different season, all put in an envelope. It is currently out of print, but there are plans to reprint in 2013.

Imaginary Life #5 was the largest and most personal issue of Imaginary Life and was released in 2005. It is now out of print.

Imaginary Life #6 was published in 2007. It is currently out of print.

Imaginary Life #7 was published in 2010. It is still available.

A mini-zine was made in 2012 and is the 8th issue of Imaginary Life. It was designed to fit into the IPRC's Zine Machine - a repurposed cigarette machine made to vend mini-zines in handmade boxes.