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'''Ignatz''' was a science fiction fanzine by [[Nancy Share]].
'''Ignatz''' was a science fiction fanzine by [[Nancy Share]].

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Ignatz was a science fiction fanzine by Nancy Share.

Ignatz was published in the 1950s. It was an 8 1/2 by 11 inch, mimeographed publication, with a dittoed cover. At least 19 issues were released, with no. 18 recorded as appearing October 1958, and no. 19 in January 1959. Issues 18 and 19 are included in the Fanzine Collection of Temple University Library. The title for the fanzine came from the old comic strip Krazy Kat. In the strip Krazy Kat had a sometimes friend- sometimes adversary named Ignatz Mowz, and Ignatz was named for him. Nancy Share popularized the character of Ignatz through her fanzine in the science fiction fandom community of the 1950s, and it became something of a craze.

Contributors of artwork to Ignatz included Bill Rotsler. Contributors of writing included Jim Harmon.

Nancy Share also published Summer Torrents.

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