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Issue 1:freedom and just US
Issue 4:Everyday transactions

Ideas in pictures is an art and a 'personal as political' zine from Milwaukee, WI.

Ideas in pictures is written by Colin. The first issue was subtitled Freedom and just U.S. It was written as a reaction to 9/11 and the war on terror. The second issue was subtitled a leftover from the dairy industry. It was about the meat industry and animal rights and was illustrated. Issue three was subtitled animals and workers. The zine focused again on the meat industry, the cruelty and mutilation to animals as well as discussing how corporate America has destroyed food and farming. The illustrations look to convey the perception/perspective of the animal. The fourth issue had a screenprinted cover that was printed on reused file folders. 500 copies were made. Again the illustrated theme of the meat industry was continued with an article on a workers strike against Tyson Foods, a meat packing company. The fifth issue was released in October 2006 and subtitled Everyday transactions. It focused on everyday transactions in business, leisure and warfare. The cover was screenprinted again and 1,000 copies of the zine were made. The issue contained contributions. The author, Colin, currated No Need For Sleep: an exhibition of visual art by zine makers and the zines they produce in Milwaukee, WI and Madison, WI.

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