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Idea is a science fiction fanzine by Geri Sullivan.

Geri Sullivan enjoys merging traditional and modern fanzine aesthetics and techniques, and to this end she has created Idea using computer based technologies like PageMaker and Photoshop, and then electrostencilling the final pages on both modern and ancient mimeograph equipment.

Idea is published in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A., and first came out in the 1990s and continued into the 2000's. Issue 12 was 78 pages, with 30 of those pages for letters of comment.

Contributors of writing include Ulrika O'Brien, Terry A. Garey, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen), Barb Jensen, Dave Langford (Ansible), Martin Hoare, Rob Hansen (Chuch), Kathy Routliffe, Jeff Schalles, Mike Scott, Jack Targonski, and Sean Alan Wallace.

Contributors of art work include Ken Fletcher, Linda Michaels, William Rotsler, Dan Steffan (Boonfark), Steve Stiles, Glen Tenhoff, Arthur Thomson (courtesy Dave Langford), and Reed Waller.

Letters came from Mike Glicksohn, Steve Green, Craig Hilton, Ethel Lindsay, Peter Roberts, Kathy Routliffe and Jim Young.

Idea won the FAan Award for Best Fanzine in 1998 and in 2001.

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