Icy Student

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Icy student was written, photo copied and glued together by Glenn Durham and Paul Dyne in Austin and Houston Texas during the years of 1993-1996. The format was stream of consciousness witting loosely reviewing/describing 20 artists/songs per issue. The fiendish witting style merges a copyright infringing approach to the lay out and artwork with the raw artistic style and magazine cut and paste style make this zine perfect for reading in the wee hours of the morning. Usually the reader is always being careful not to read all eight pages at one time (thereby extinguishing any shred of self control that the reader had left) Nervous glances around don't slow down the reader as he is Still buried inside icy students paper thin covers. Shameful thoughts occur inside the sub consciousness as his guilty eyes read on to the end of page eight. The period marked the end of the last sentence on the last page and now the truth beings to set in; seeming to play catch with his feeling of guilt that were the result of the fact that the reader was unable to put theicy student down, stop and save some insane goodness for later.