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i know you're out there was published in the sixth of June of 2006. It was initially a gift for a friend. After a few months, Mae decided to distribute it to the zine world. This zine started Mae's style of only drawing in her zines and no longer cut and paste. Inside the zine, you will find Mae talking about always being the quiet girl in her childhood, discovering riot grrrl for the first time and how it affected her as a Filipina, dissecting love & relationships, traveling to places like Philippines, Thailand and Singapore, and a piece about concerts she's been to and how even in their simplest experience, changed her.

Reviews of i know you're out there

"A perzine in its truest sense. Mae's latest offering to the zine world includes thoughts on her childhood memories, discovering riot grrl, significant relationships, seeing favourite bands play live, a trip to Philippines, Thailand and Singapore as well as a bursting-at-the-seams happy page. I Know You're Out There is also a visual treat due to Mae's awesome (often zombie themed) illustrations throughout." - Marching Stars Distro

"The thing that always strikes me about Mae is how vulnerable and sweet her writing is, which is completely disarming because I feel like she's the sort of person in reali life who is always fairly up and fairly outgoing. Maybe not, but I like how her zines are intimate like notes passed in study hall. A dollar is an outstanding value for such an awesome piece of nostalgia." - Sarah Rose in Zinetopia #2

"Mae wrote that sharing stories about herself is a difficult thing for her to do but I have to say that her style of writing is so smooth and I felt as if she were telling me these stories herself. She also included fun extra inserts of photos, art and text that I enjoyed. Mae writes about finding riot grrrl and the affect it had on her as a Filipina. She writes about love & relationships, happiness and traveling." - Sweet Candy Distro

"In the introduction, Mae says "You`d think it would be easy talking about yourself... For me it`s fucking difficult!" You wouldn`t know it by the second page of her zine ;]Mae shares some of her memories from her childhood, about being known as the quiet girl, & slowly growing up to be more confident & outgoing. She includes a hand-drawn page of the things that make her happy, a little booklet about the boys she has met in her life, and a page about the beginnings of her sexual adventures." - Avocado Tree Distro

"Here be a new zine from Mae, mateys! (Arrr! Tee hee!) This zine takes more creative chances than many zines I've seen recently with interesting page sizes and images, etc. She talks about childhood memories; everything that makes her happy right now; discovering zines, subculture, and Bikini Kill; sex, love, boys, and sadness. She also includes a mini-zine clipped inside about figuring out love. A sweet summer read!" - Sweet Pea Distro


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