I Really Stepped in it This Time

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I Really Stepped in it This Time is a comic/diary drawn by Brian Dubin.

Brian lives in Baltimore, MD and has been making I Really Stepped in it This Time since 2003. He has also made a handful of minicomics which include; I Went On Tour, The Day I Met Andrew W.K. and a split with Benn Ray about each of their first concert experiences (Brians being The Monkees, Benns being Elvis). His comics were in the Baltimore Musuem of Art, in an exhibit called "Dark Matter" which was part of a larger exhibit called "Cram Sessions". Issue #5 is now available and there is a new split comic which is almost finished. Brians comics are available at Atomic Books in Baltimore, Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago, Tower Records (weird, right) and issue #4 is available at Aquarius Records in San Francisco.