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IDOMO was a cross between a small press magazine and a science fiction fanzine published by Chuck Connor.

IDOMO was initially started in September 1979 by co-editors Chuck Connor and Aleck Butcher with artist Laurie Sheperd, with the initials standing for In Defiance of Medical Opinion. Sheperd left after the first issue and Dick Parker became art editor for 3 more issues, when the publication came to a stop in September 1980 after Butcher and Sheperd lost interest. However, Connor revived the tile a month later and continued publishing another 17 issues, 21 in all.

IDOMO featured articles, art work, news, fiction, primarily speculative, fantasy, and science fiction, reviews of cassettes, pirate radio, fanzines and small press magazines.

Contributing artists included Peter Lyon, Dave Kirkbride and Dave Windett.

The vers supplement Sweetheart Contrick was merged with Idomo in 1983, and poetry was a big feature of the fanzine. Poetry was contributed by Lilly Baker, Tom Bingham, Geoff Boswell, Robert Boyce, Phillip Brittain, Fred Brown, Harry Calhoun, Anthony Cooney, Bill Costley, Andrew Darlington, Paul Donnelly, Andy De Cosmos, Gideon Elwood, Deen Engels, David Fields, Dan Fox, Steve Green, John F. Haines, Sean Hanley, Steve Ince, Karl Mills, David R. Morgan, Max Noiprox, Ruth Wildes Schular, Paul Schneider, Steve Sneyd (Data Dump, Martin Stannard and Arthur Thomson (The ATom Anthology).

Letters came from Marty Cantor (Holier Than Thou), Joy Hibbert, David Langford (Ansible), Michael O'Leary, Niall Robertson, Martyn Taylor, and Jon Tildsley, among others.