I'm One Of An Odd Family

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I'm One Of An Odd Family is a zine from Melbourne, Australia.

The zine was begun in November 2009 as a way for the editor to talk to his favourite musicians. In February 2010 issue #1 was completed and released. Issue #1 had interviews, and contributions by his favourite musicians and artists: Kate ClickJaw[1], Ultra Violet MC[2], Aoi[3], Brown Panthers[4], Axximilation[5], and Dotåbåtå[6].

Issue #2 is expected to be released in late April 2010. So far, I can confirm that it will feature an interview with Boar[7], a noise band from Dubuque, Iowa. Also, issue #2 will have reviews of 2 Aural Resuscitation Unit[8] CDs. Also a review of an Australian band called Crab Smasher[9]. These reviews will be written by Melbourne musician Damian Clarkson[10]. Also, issue #2 will have a Lezbian Holocaust[11] Newsletter. Plus more interviews and articles. But it's important to know that issue #2 of I'm One Of An Odd Family will be a joint effort betweent Monty and Damian.