Hugin and Munin

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Hugin and Munin Issue 4Cover art by Murray Long
Hugin and Munin
Issue 4
Cover art by Murray Long

Hugin and Munin is a science fiction fanzine by Richard Labonte.

Hugin and Munin, named for the two ravens of the Norse god Odin, who representing 'thought' (Hugin) and 'memory' (Munin), was published in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada from 1966 to 1968.

Contributors included Crayden Arcand, Mike Glicksohn (Energumen), Ray Nelson, Chris Redmond, Earl Schultz, Colin Stafford, Susan Wood (Aspidistra), Marg Yeo, and Roger Zelazny.

Artwork was contributed by Derek Carter, Jack Gaughan, Alexis Gilliland, and Murray Long.

Letters came from Issac Asimov, Alexei Panshin and George W. Price.

Hugin and Munin #6 was a split zine with Kevas and Trillium.

Richard LaBonte also published the fanzines Acusfoos and Low-Down.

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