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Horib was a science fiction fanzine by Pat and Dick Lupoff.

Horib was mimeographed and published in New York City, NY, U.S.A. in the 1960s, and distributed through the Fantasy Amateur Press Association.

The first issue was published in February 1966, and was 12 pages. Issue 6 appeared in May 1967.

Issue #8, released in 1967, included, among other items, cover art by Jack Gaughan, Sherlock Holmes fan fiction, articles, and an obituary for writer John Kendrick Bangs.

The last issue was #13, which was released in May 1969, featuring cover art by Steve Stiles.

Horib also featured a collaboration between Richard Lupoff and Steve Stiles. Quoted in Amazing Stories of January 25, 2013, Steve Stiles says, "In 1966, author Richard Lupoff and I collaborated on a comic strip “The Adventures Of Professor Thintwhistle And His Incredible Aether Flyer” for his fanzine Horib. In 1979, editor Ted White suggested we redo the strip for his magazine, Heavy Metal. Later Dick turned the strip into a novel (with a cover by some talentless hack named Frazetta!), and in 1991 the strip was published as a graphic novel by Fantagraphic Books. Still later, it was reprinted again in 2010 by Wildside Press. Professor Thintwhistle just may have the distinction of being the very first Steampunk graphic novel!".

Pat and Dick Lupoff also published the fanzine Xero.