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Hoojemaflap is a distro based in Brighton, UK.

The Plan

It was set up to encourage people to buy and read zines at gigs and other events. So far the distro has been representing at Brighton zine socials, punk gigs at the Hobgoblin and the Cowley Club in Brighton and also the Alternative Press Fair in London.

Future plans include taking the distro to gabba parties and festivals. Connected to this idea is the plan to make a mobile zine library which will hopefully enable access to zines for people who are not normally aware of them.


Zines held in the two little boxes which comprise the distro include Gadgie, The New Wave of Cut And Paste, Zonked, Cell Phones Suck, Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages, Mujinga, Cracking the System, On't Road, Rum Lad and Loserdom.

Most of the zines are £1. They are only available at the events.

More sustainable living, punk, cycle and skate zines would be welcomed for the distro.

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