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Honque was a fanzine published by Norm Clarke and Gina Ellis Clark in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The first issue was released in Fall 1964. Five issues were released. Although it was released by science fiction fans, it could also be considered a perzine and a genzine.

Contributors included F.M. Busby (Cry of the Nameless), Gordon Eklund, Lynn Hickman, Arnie Katz, Joe Pilati, "Willowdale Confidential", a column by Boyd Raeburn (A Bas), Steve Stiles, Roy Tackett, Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons), and Paul Wyszkowski.

Art work was contributed by Tim Dumont, among others.

Arnie Katz writes in Vegas Fandom Weekly #99 (2007);

Norm Clark and Gina Ellis (Clark) edited a fanzine that made up in non-stop hilarity what it may have lacked in refined and slick appearance. Norm's lurid tales of 'skree-honking' and the fine writing of both Gina and Boyd Raeburn guaranteed a good read, liberally punctuated by laughter.

Five issues were released. In 1967, Norm Clarke was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer.

Norm and Gina Clark also did the fanzines Descant and Queebshots, with Boyd Raeburn.