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HoneyPot Zine

Honeypot is a perzine that I started about 4 years ago with a zine called "Beauty is a Battlefield", about body image. The zine was very popular, so I continued to do more zines.

My zines have been called "disturbingly honest" and "beautiful and beautifully written" by friends whom I did not pay (with money anyway :-)

My goal in writing zines is to dig deep into the essence of things; to find some truth down there in the muck. They help me digest and catalyze my experiences, and hopefully they help the people who read them put their own experiences into perspective. At the very least, I'd hope that Honeypot makes people realize they aren't alone in the struggle, and also that there can be beauty and laughter in the pain and weirdness of life.

You can see what zines I currently have to offer at my website: www.honeybtemple.com www.honeybtemple.com