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Honey B Temple

I've been publishing HoneyPot zine for about 4 years, and am up to #5. I started my zines because I had things to say and no forum to say them in, so I decided to start my own forum. I got started in zines when I got a zine in a trade at the now-basically-defunct Nervousness.org site, and I loved it. I decided then and there to do my own.

I've also published stand-alone zines and other zine series, including a zine called "We are the Revolution" about how we can each take daily actions to make the world a better and healthier place for all living beings, and a couple of zines in the "Intimate City" series, which included an erotica collection and a zine about sex.

I'm currently (as of July, 06) taking submissions for a zine about public transportation called "Perpetual Bus Ride" and for a revision of "We are the Revolution." Please visit my website (below) and e-mail me for more info.

I think zines are one of the last true literary revolutions. I'm proud to be involved with them, and also in the underground publishing movement. In my spare time, I often help my friend Joe Pachinko publish underground books at Superstition Street Press www.superstitionstreet.com

My influences (in spirit, if not letter) are Charles Bukowski, Dorothy Parker, Maude from "Harold and Maude", Zora Neale Hurston, Janis Joplin, Raymond Chandler, and my deceased cat Xochitl, who never stopped kicking ass.

Life is meant to be lived and laughed at. Remember that!

Visit my website at www.honeybtemple.com for more info about my zines or to get in touch with me.