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Issue 1 September 1953
Cover art by Glover Prescott

Hodge-Podge was a science fiction fanzine published by sisters Marie-Louise Share and Nancy Share from Danville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Hodge-Podge was the first fanzine published by Nancy Share and her sister Marie Louise Share, emerging in the early 1950s. The first issue is dated September 1953. The 4th issue, appearing in December 1953, was 30 pages, and by the 11th issue, appearing in September 1954, it had increased to 48 pages. At least 14 issues were released, #15 being distributed in October 1956.

Robert Bloch (Science Fiction Fifty Yearly), Redd Boggs (Sky Hook), David English (Fantasias), Walt Klein (Dark Evolution), Art Rapp (Spacewarp), and Rex Ward were among the contributors of writing.

Hodge-Podge also featured poetry by Garth Bentley, P.H. Economou (Phlotsam), W. Paul Ganley (as Toby Duane) (Fan-Fare), Claude Hall (Muzzy), Walt Klein, Al Leverentz (Grotesque), Calvin T. Marsden, Orma McCormick (Starlanes), Art Rapp, Virgil Ritchie, and Bob Wakerman.

The cover art, and most of the interior illustrations, for the first issue was done by Glover Prescott, with additional art work by the editors, including "Kabu", a fictitious personality invented by Nancy Share. Later issues included contributions of art work from Larry Bourne, Plato Jones, and Bill Rotsler, among others.

Letters came from Walt Willis (Hyphen), among others.

Robert Bloch, in his review for Imagination Vol. 7, No. 5 of October 1956, favorable reviews Hodge-Podge, not withstanding horrible punning; "A DEFINITE collector’s item is HODGE-PODGE No. 15. The reason being that this issue is the first one which does not contain any poetry. However, it does contain artwork by Rotsler, Bourne, Plato Jones and Nancy Share executed in the mammarable style for which HODGE-PODGE is famous. And it features the usual sprightly letter-column, plus editorial comment by Nancy and Marie-Louise, who are justly acclaimed in fandom as living dolls. If, as I do, you contend you’re not too old to play with dolls, then drop a line to Danville."

Marie-Louise Share also published the apazine Caprice in the 1950s for the Offtrails Magazine Publishers Association (OMPA) and co-edited Cameo with Gene Ward.

Nancy Share went on to publish Ignatz and Torrents and was the art director for Fan To See. She later co-edited the zine Churn with Art Rapp (Spacewarp).

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