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A flyer for Here. In My Head.

Here. In My Head. is a quarter-sized feminist perzine published out of Nottingham, UK, by Welsh zinester Catherine Elms.

Six issues of the zine have been published, which are available through Marching stars Distro, Dead Trees and Dye Distro, Vampire Sushi Distro, The Teacup Symposium or by contacting Catherine directly.


Here. In My Head. #1 features written pieces about not shaving, the ongoing need for feminism in university, body image, being questioned for writing strong feminist lyrics, and her experiences joining the university's Songwriting Society. Also includes a cake recipe, lists of loves and hates, poetry, and top 20 albums.

Here. In My Head. #2 features introspective pieces about her musical and creative development from childhood, anger and betrayal, drunken thoughts on sexist jokes, and insecurities caused by a sexist magazine article. Also features a poem and some lists of favourite things.

Here. In My Head. #3 is a special half-sized issue dedicated to the release of her debut demo, the Not Sorry EP. Included are her thoughts on the music scene, the zine scene, her personal insecurity and jealousy issues, feelings of loneliness and guilt, and some lyrics from the EP.

Here. In My Head. #4 features written pieces on the importance of friendships, casual sexism and rape-based humour, jealousy and feminism (and her ongoing battle with jealousy), creativity and happiness.

Here. In My Head. #5 features written pieces on girl-hate, beauty, self-loathing and personal growth, the dynamic nature of love, feminist book recommendations, and trying to reconcile one's personality with one's feminist beliefs.

Here. In My Head. #6 is an alphabet zine, with a wide variety of topics including Body, Feminism, Hair, Ire, Memories, Noise, Piano, Serendipity, University, Vulva, Wales, and Xmas.

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