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Heath Row has read, published, and reviewed zines and related grassroots media since 1988. He first encountered zines through Maximum Rocknroll (MRR). Over the years, he has published or contributed to zines such as No Drama, BLOW, Fifth Man, Karma Lapel (and KL-chan), Media Diet, Hedge Trimmings, Stafficidal Tendencies (later, ST), Raasochomix, Brooklyn!, and Flower. He reviews zines for Zine World and poetry for Small Press Review.

In 2008, Heath became interested and involved in APAs (amateur press associations). He's an active member of the National Amateur Press Association, American Amateur Press Association, Fantasy Amateur Press Association, ERB-APA, N'APA (the APA of the National Fantasy Fan Federation), Alarums & Excursions, and The Connection. He currently publishes the following APAzines: Karma Lapel, Hedge Trimmings, Snow Poster Township, Jungle Radio, Snow Poster City, The Game Closet, and The Wild Analyst. He's also a member of the Fossils.

He serves as official editor of .zap!!, the APA of alt.zines.