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Harness is a zine by Gynee and Hynee from Arcata, California, U.S.A.

Published in the 1990's, the cover of Harness features a mirrored image of a woman wearing a strap-on. It is a zine filled wih collage, a mix of images combined with text that comments on, and alters the meaning of those images it accompanies. Aside from collages, there are pages devoted to Riot Grrrl and the all-girl punk band Cheesecake, as well as a list of zines to write for, including Wiglet, Gunk, Fantastic Fanzine, Girl Germs and Riot Grrrl DC. This zine also includes comics, and pages devoted to Twin Peaks; religious hypocrisy; a photo spread of Sister Jen; nuns; a comparison of British euphemisms and American euphemisms all things related to death (British: passed away; American: expired) and funerals (British: funeral; American: Service); a photo of John Fargo, President of the John Wayne Gacy Fan Club; and a letter from preacher Pat Robertson.