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Harness is a zine by Gynee and Hynee from Arcata, California, U.S.A.

Published in the 1990's, Harness is a zine filled wih collage, a mix of images combined with text that comments and alters the meaning of the images it accompanies. Aside from collages, there are pages devoted to Riot Grrrl, the all-girl punk band Cheesecake, and a list of zines to write for, including Wiglet, Gunk, Fantastic Fanzine, Girl Germs and Riot Grrrl DC. This zine also includes comics, and pages devoted to Twin Peaks; religious hypocrisy; a photo spread of Sister Jen; nuns; a comparison of British euphemisms and American euphemisms all things related to death (British: passed away; American: expired) and funerals (British: funeral; American: Service); a photo of John Fargo, President of the John Wayne Gacy Fan Club; and a letter from preacher Pat Robertson.