Harley R. Pageot

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Harley R. Pageot is a zinester from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

He has published seven issues of his perzine Yard Sale!, one issue in a series documenting his proto-zine life called Super Cool Awe Some, and the one-shots 100 Things I Love and Dear Jen.

Harley has founded and runs the arts collective Broken Arts out of Oshawa which puts on zine fairs, workshops, concerts, and other events in the city. Their first year of activity was documented in Harley's zine Broken Arts: Year One.

His zine career was inspired and instigated by the zines Bottle Rocket and Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams as well as the comics of John Porcellino. Kissoff has also been cited as a strong influence on his work.

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