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* [http://www.hardboiledmagazine.blogspot.com/ Hardboiled Blog]
* [http://www.hardboiledmagazine.blogspot.com/ Hardboiled Blog]
[[Category:Zine]][[Category:California Zines]] [[Category:2000's publications]]
[[Category:Zine]][[category:Zines from the U.S.A.]] [[Category:California Zines]] [[Category:2000's publications]]
[[Category:POC Zine]]
[[Category:POC Zine]]

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Hardboiled is an Asian American zine published on the UC Berkeley campus, but is not an officially sanctioned campus publication.

The zine addresses everything from Asian pornography, APA athletes and how education issues effect Asian students, to community leader profiles and underground film and music reviews. The editors describe the zine as "a highly organized, take-no-prisoners, paramilitary journalistic juggernaut".

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