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Happy House is a punk fanzine from the UK.

It was put together by Rick Happy.

The zine started as a freesheet newsletter of Smile and be happy records that had a print run of 200 in April 1995. The second issue came out as a zine with 12 pages covering music and zine reviews, some news, contact lists and an interview with Cowboy Killers. It had a print run of 500 copies. Issue three came out as a Christmas edition with 600 copies made. In April 1996, issue four came out with 750 copies made and a colour paper cover. With the next issue in july 1996, the print run reached 1,000 copies which would be the way for all further issues. The zine was now being distributed all over the UK, in other parts of Europe and even in the US. It began to look more professional with its covers and design. The last issue was in august 1999 and contained articles, columns and interviews.

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