Gutter Soup

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Gutter Soup is a one-off zine from various Bay Area zine editors

Gutter Soup was made as a protest to the 2011 San Francisco Zine Fest. Various zine editors came together at the Berkeley Long Life Veggie House and complained about the expensive and arty boutique zines of the fest. The price of a round trip ticket from the East Bay to the fest was more money than delscious veggie soup that fueled their counsel. In Attendance and in the zine includes artist Heather Wreckage editor of Dreams of donuts, Robert Eggplant of Absolutely Zippo, Joey Refugio of As We Get Older and Stop Making Sense, Samiya Bird of Medatrocity, James Boyd of Wow Cool Distro & Dork Book zine, Steve Brady of Wing Nut Rising and Dominick of various zines that changed names Comatulid. One issue is in print.