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Groteque was a small press magazine edited by David Logan.

Published in Co Antrim, North Ireland, Grotesque was a literary publication devoted to weird fiction, fantasy and horror. The first issue appeared in April 1993. Issue 10, the final issue, appeared in 1996.

Cover art work was by Cathy Buburuz (Champagne Horror), Wendy Down, Richard Kerr, Desmond Knight, and Philip Topping.

Contributors of fiction included Graham Andrews, Molly Brown, Andy Cox, Lawrence Dyer, Kim Elizabeth, Donal Fahy, Lyn Funnell, John Gaunt, Rhys H. Hughes, Shaun Jeffrey, Alexander Johnson, W.J. Johnson, Jim Johnston, Kim Elizabeth Laico, David Logan, D.F. Lewis, William Meikle, Paul Pinn, Michael J. Pont, Peter Revely, Frank Swannack, Peter Tennant, S.P. Tollyfield, Philip H. Turner, Trevor Wentworth, and Roddy Williams.