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Greta Snider is a filmmaker and zinester from San Francisco.

In the 1990's Greta produced the zine Mudflap, which focussed on fun and free stuff and chronicled her travelling adventures. The zine was featured in 1997's Factsheet Five Zine Reader. As well, the zine, and Greta's artwork, was featured in the exhibition [[The Copyist Conspiracy: An Exhibition of Zine Art.

Greta contributed to the audio zine Long Ago and Right Now and to the punk zine Maximum Rock N Roll, for which she wrote reviews for a number of years.

Greta Snider is also the producer of twelve films. Several of these films feature zinesters. Shred of Sex features Deke Nihilson, editor of Homocore. This film has been lost for several years now and has, in the interim, achieved a mythic status, since it is no longer available to be shown. Portland, made in 1996, features Iggy Scam of Scam and Ivy of InMate, who, along with Greta, make up the trio of zinesters who decide to leave San Rrancisco for a trip to Portland.




  • The Magic of Radio, 2001
  • Urine Man, 2000
  • Quarry Movie, 1999
  • Flight, 1997
  • Portland, 1996
  • NoZone, 1993
  • Our Gay Brothers, 1993
  • Mute, 1991
  • Futility, 1989
  • Hardcore Movie1989
  • Shred of Sex, 1989

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