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* [[The Rise and Fall of Mr. Fuck You Man]]
* [[The Rise and Fall of Mr. Fuck You Man]]
* [[SpaceTeam]]
* [[SpaceTeam]]
* [[Statues From Another Planet]]

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Gregory Kalyniuk, also known as 'Gregory K', is a zinester from Toronto, Ontario who created numerous publications in the early 1990's.

His style ranged from surreal and dreamlike to philosophical and mathematical. Works often included comics and played with logic, time paradox, and self-referential themes.

He was the publisher of Dreeem Virus, among several other titles, which was considered an 'art- brut' comic zine and was released in 1995. It included comics about Tristan, Stuntman William and Greedo (from Star Wars). The publisher also created stickers of his characters which he would include in his zines.

Gregory K was also a contributor to such comics publications as Don't Touch Me.