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Greenwoman is a gardening & nature-focused perzine written by Sandra Knauf.

A resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A., Sandra is a prolific writer who started Greenwoman to share her opinionated and often humorous stories about gardening.


#1: Sandra writes about raising chickens and taking a Master Gardener class. (May 2008)

#2: Topics include literary and film rose metaphors, a history of the Green Man (and Green Woman), and organizing a fundraising garden tour. (August 2008)

#3: The honeybee issue, including observations on the importance of bees and their survival as well as honey-filled recipes. (December 2008)

#4: Contains "The Chicken Chronicles," a story about breeding chickens and the life lessons for Sandra's young daughters that come with raising animals. Includes instructional information on harvesting rainwater. (Spring 2009)

#5: The "garden goddess" issue, with anecdotes from Sandra's time working as a gardener for a wealthy neighbor and other stories. (Summer 2009)

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