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Issue 11 Spring 1969
cover art by Dan Adkins

Golana was a science fiction zine published by the Polytechnic Institue of New York in the 1960s.

Jeff Bienenfeld was the editor for some of the earlier issues and John E. Hoffman was the editor for the later issues.

Issue #11 (Spring 1969) contained writing by Michael T. Bergman, Reginald Berry, Edward V. Dong, D.R. Gilbert, Ed Goodwin, Charles F. Grab, Carl T. Grasso, Bob Heman, John Hoffman, Neil Hudson, Leroy Odom, Dave Peloquin, and Ramos.

Cover art was by Dan Adkins (Sata Illustrated). Michael Bergman, Jaroslaw Gidej, Anthony Kurpako, Doug Lovenstein, Robert Mattson, Dave Peloquin, and James Scaglione provided interior illustrations.