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[[Image:GlamourGuideForTrash.jpg|frame|Glamour Guide For Trash #3]]
'''Glamour Guide For Trash''' was a [[zine]] published in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada by [[Joel Gibb]].
'''Glamour Guide For Trash''' was a [[zine]] published in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada by [[Joel Gibb]].

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Glamour Guide For Trash #3

Glamour Guide For Trash was a zine published in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada by Joel Gibb.

Glamour Guide For Trash was put together in the cut and paste manner and four issues of this photocopied zine appeared from the early to mid 1990's, with issue four published in March of 1995.

The zines' main focus was on indie groups. Interviews and photos were included in each issue with bands such as Velocity Girl, Thrush Hermit, and Kid Champion in issue one; Stereolab, Lush, and Jale in issue two; Pulp, The Verve, Fifth Column, and The Leather Uppers in issue three; Sloan and Echobelly in issue four. New music releases and live shows are extensively covered as well, The zine also included readers' polls and charts and there are also plenty of zine reviews. Each issue also featured a "Person of the Month", a particularly outstanding character who had made an impression, good or bad, on the editor, that he then wrote about.

A special feature in issue four was the "The Zine Editor's Dinner Party", which brought together editors of the zines Radio Slack, Smashed Blocked, Invasion of the Killer Slut Monkey from Hell, Titch, Rubbed, and Venom & Ecstacy for a dinner party organized by Audrey, editor of Rampage, and Joel Gibb.

After the demise of Glamour Guide For Trash, Joel Gibb went on to create other zines and start the band The Hidden Cameras, whose song "Fear Of Zine Failure" became an anthem for many a zine editor.